Switch the YP-S5 from MTP to UMS

I managed to switch the YP-S5 from MTP to UMS by installing the Korean firmware v1.50. I don't understand why North America and Europe are stuck with the MTP version while Asia and south America get the UMS version. Perhaps Samsung wants to experiment with DRM on a limited scale?

MTP (Media Transport Protocol specific for Windows Mediaplayer) is really not user-friendly:

  • Doesn't work under macos or linux (support through libmtp is still limited). Ubuntu is my main OS .
  • I couldn't get it work under XP ("error mtp device")
  • Does work under Vista, but only after installing the latest patches.

Use at your own risk -- not sure if this voids your warrranty. But the YP-S5 did survive my unsuccesful attempts with the previous firmware v1.07.

Download the asiatic V1.50 version from Samsung Singapore (it's an English site):


Unzip the file and under Vista, put the S5.rom and Config.dat in the root of the S5. I also put he Config.dat file in the subdirectory SYSTEM/ -- not sure if this is needed, but it doesn't harm... I had some trouble with copy/pasting the files. Drag and drop did however work under Vista.

After unconnecting and starting up the YP-S5, the new firmware is installed. The display shows up in Korean. This is quickly fixed in the Settings/Language menu. The first submenu item allows you to switch the language.

The S5 is now automatically supported under Ubuntu, but with a small issue: two S5 devices are mounted. No big deal...

See also http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30155

UPDATE: Maybe it's not necessary to start from the Asiatic version; the 'original' V1.50 MTP version can also be switched by altering the Config.dat - this info seems unverified, however: http://mp3.generationmp3.com/2008/05...le-samsung-s5/

UPDATE 29/6/2008: apparently, you need a USB 2.0 connection to your YP-S5. See the comment below
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