CH3WNAS and FireFly

I managed to get FireFly running om my CH3WNAS. It's fairly easy if you're not afraid of the command line :-). I was wrong in my post yesterday: you do NOT need Gentoo in order to run firefly! Gentoo is apparently only needed if you want to build FireFly from the sources.

The info in http://dsmg600.info/howto:firefly contains too much steps for the CH3WNAS.

This is the 'real' way to setup firefly on CH3WNAS:
  • enable telnet in fun_plug: http://www.aroundmyroom.com/2008/01/03/ch3wnas-enabling-telnet/
  • download the latest build of FireFly for the CH3WNAS: http://willie-wortel.nl/ch3wnas/ch3wnas-ff-1696.tgz. Unzip the build onto the NAS. (/mnt/HD_a2)
  • I renamed the main directory from /mnt/HD_a2/firefly-1696 to /mnt/HD_a2/firefly. This is consequent with the config.
  • edit the following line in /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/mtdaapd.conf file (e.g. with ftp):
    mp3_dir = /mnt/HD_a2/media
    --> replace media with the root-directory to your mp3s.
    --> check out the other options like default admin password if you wish.
  • add the following lines to your fun_plug:
    #kill legacy upnp (if you don't use the upnp ;-)
    kill -9 `pidof upnp`

    #start firefly
    rm -f /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/var/cache/mt-daapd/*
    /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/sbin/mt-daapd -c /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/mt-daapd.conf
    As you can see, I completely remove the DB before starting FireFly up. This is because while I was testing, the DB went corrupt after a reboot. The indexing at startup is very fast (4000 mp3s in 64 seconds) so this isn't really a problem, I think. Maybe there are more elegant ways to prevent corruption of the DB?
I tested it with Rhythmbox under Ubuntu 8.04 & it works like a charm :-). Make sure the "Multicast DNS service discovery" service (= mDNS) is running in Ubuntu (System/Administration/services) and that the "daap plugin" is checked in rhythmbox (edit/plugins). I'm seriously considering buying the Roku (Pinnacle) Soundbridge now...

Other tips:
  • check out the FireFly admin pages in your browser: go to port 3689 of your CH3WNAS:
    e.g. user: admin; password: mt-daapd (default)
  • you can follow the logs in /var/log/mt-daapd.log (maybe not the best location :-/):
    tail -f /var/log/mt-daapd.log
thanks to http://forums.fireflymediaserver.org/viewtopic.php?p=20282&sid=5b52a2902da3f5b3462bed5e1bc826fd and http://willie-wortel.nl/ch3wnas/!

(updated: 12/6/2008: corrected willie-wortel links)
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