Devoxx 2013 - How to make your Android apps suck. A rant.

Litrik De Roy
Android problems to avoid
  • crazy permissions. E.g.
    • directly call phone numbers
    • phone status & identity: tracking
    • retrieve other apps running
    • mock location for testing -> test-only settings...
  • splash screens :-(
  • "menu button of shame" lower right corner of app
  • Skeumorphic design
    • try to use iOS design on Android
    • tabs at the bottom of the screen
  • spammy notifications: games
  • exit confirmation "are you sure you want to exit?" -> doesn't exist..
  • portrait only mode
  • tabs without swiping
  • Jerky scrolling
  • themed buttons without selectors -> pressed, selected, active , disabled
  • app size (=feature creep)
  • flooding logcat (too many debug messages)
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