Gallium OS 3 (beta2) on Acer Chromebook

I reinstalled my Acer "CB3-131" Chromebook with GalliumOS v3 beta 2. The procedure to install GalliumOS still applies: https://wiki.galliumos.org/Hardware_Compatibility.

After install, everything just works fine as it did with version 2 Only two small issues were easy to fix:
  • by default, GalliumOS uses the "right alt" for providing access to the functionkeys. On some-keyboard-layouts like azerty, the right alt is already used to access special characters ("alt gr"). This "alt gr" key combination is not working on a default GalliumOS install.
    solution: open the "Keyboard" application and in the "Layout"-tab select the "Chromebook (most models) | Search overlay | F keys mapped to media keys" entry for "Keyboard model". You can now accessing the F-keys by combining them with the search-key. "Alt gr" will now work fine.
  • The volume of the headset and the builtin speakers is very low. As a workaround I added an entry to the "Session and Startup"  with the following command:
    bash -c 'sleep 5 ; amixer -c chtmax98090 set "Speaker" 100% ; amixer -c chtmax98090 set "Headphone" 100%'