YP-S5 and scratches

The Samsung YP-S5 is particularly prone to scratches. I bought it a month ago, and I have only used it for about 3-4 hours, but there are already a few scratches on the shiny plastic. I think I put the YP-S5 in my pocket next to my keys...

I found there is a commercial shield to protect the YP-S5: http://mp3playersandheadphones.co.uk/the-invisible-shield-samsung-yp-k5yp-s5-full-body-shield/ and http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=2339&aff=window. It's not clear to me if these products really help, without altering the the look & feel of the player. Time will tell...

Concerning the V1.50 firmware, I don't see much improvement compared to the previous V1.07 firmware. It still takes about 10 seconds to startup the device.

I like to listen to podcasts, but simply playing a few podcasts that are in different folders without manual intervention is almost impossible. I have also a simple Creative Muvo; the Muvo, with its smaller screen, is much better than the YP-S5 for playing podcasts. I like to play the podcasts in a sequential order, respecting the order of the podcasts that are under a directory-structure. On the YP-S5, I first tried to select all songs of style "podcast". But since not all podcasts set their style to 'podcast', it's not possible to use this attribute. I also tried the file-browser, but when the last song in a folder is reached it stops playing. It would have been better that the YP-S5 jumps to the next folder, and plays the first song in that folder. The only workable solution I found is to go to 'Albums', 'all' and than search for the podcasts. Unfortunatly, music and podcast are not separated.

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