SpringOne 2008 - Welcome by Stephan Janssen

I attended the SpringOne 2008 conference in Antwerp, Belgium. As a professional Java EE designer and developer, the Spring framework brings a refreshing look to enterprise java development. My interest started with these two, now classical, Rod Johnson books:
In this blog I'll summarize a few highlights of the first day of the conference.

As usual, Stephan Janssen promoted his new Parleys.com, completely written in Flash Air & Flex (GWT and JavaFX versions also exist). Very impressive, especially the tools for creating online web-presentations with synced video, slides an outlines. The business model of parleys will be the 'rent-a-space'-model: any company will be able to buy some 'space' to publish their presentations, benefiting from the extensive and appealing tool set and from using the reliable systems and the huge bandwidth that parleys has. Hopefully, they'll continue to serve the podcast feeds as well.

The JavaPolis conference is now rebranded into Javoxx. This is apparently to avoid trademark issues with Sun... Sad.

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