Recommended Linux Podcasts

When commuting to work, I like to listen to podcasts. Most of the podcasts I listen to are tech-related. Let's review some of those.

My favorite Linux podcast is "The Linux Action Show" (http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/?cat=4). At first, the exaggerated intonations of the intro are surprising, but this is just part of the 'format'. The show itself is very entertaining and also great to keep up with the latest Linux news and new devices that run Linux. I like the more reasonable view of the presenters on running non-GPL software on Linux. Always great to hear about new cool Linux apps and products. If they'd talk a bit more about java and openjdk instead of mono (and banshee), the show would be perfect :-).

The second (and last) item in my "Linux Podcast top-10" (well, top 2 actually) is the "Lottalinuxlinks podcast" (http://lottalinuxlinks.com). This is the "anti-Linux action show". No great radio-voices and high-end recording studio here: every lottalinuxlinks show is recorded from within a driving car when returning home. The 'cowboy' southern USA accent just adds to the geek-level of this podcast. Cool linux info.

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