Devoxx: GlassFish in Action: forget the app server for a minute!

Speakers: Linda Schneider, Jean-Francois Arcand, Paul Sandoz, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine and Bogdan Stefanescu

This presentation showed an overview of the Glassfish V3 'prelude' features:
  • core: Apache Felix (OSGi)
  • hot deploy
  • embedded API starts <1>
  • WebSynergy: Portal/portlet technology
  • Grizzly: Async IO (with 'NIO') as an efficient http frontend to glassfish (+AJAX and Comet support)
  • Metro 1.4 (WebServices)
  • Jersey: JAX-RS REST support
  • OpenMQ: JMS provider
  • Open ESB

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