Fixing the RTL8191SE wifi under Ubuntu 11.10

The RTL8191SEvB wifi chipset is still not working under Ubuntu 11.10. Luckily, it's quite easy to add support for it. Please note that the procedure is slightly different from the previous 11.4 steps.
  • Download the latest Linux driver from Realtek. Choose the Linux driver for kernel 2.6.35 and above.
  • Extract all files
  • In a terminal, execute the following commands:
    sudo su

    make install
    modprobe rtl8192se
  • Wifi should be working now. In order to keep the wifi working after a reboot, add one line with "rtl8192se" to the /etc/modules file.
    gksudo gedit /etc/modules


jonnycapter said...

FATAL: Module rtl8182se not found

jonnycapter said...

...but it seems it's working