Devoxx2012: mgwt - GWT goes mobile - Daniel Kurka

PhoneGap: hybrid web app. http://phonegap.com
  • javascript
  • uses w3c standards (including future api's)
  • Web part / Native part
  • web part: uses local web browser (mostly webkit)
  • native part: called through special 'gap://...' urls
    • string parameters
    • asynchronous
  • temporary solution till browser capabilities are enhanced
  • compiles java to javascript
  • integrated debugging
  • deferred binding
  • optimal siz
  • can be combined with PhoneGap
mgwt http://www.m-gwt.com
  • native look and feel
  • optimizing compiler
  • local / offline support (appcache)
  • use css3 (faster and more flexible). E.g. Flexible box model http://hacks.mozilla.org/2010/04/the-css-3-flexible-box-model/
  • dead code removal: compilation per device

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