Devoxx 2013 - Conference day 2: Random stuff

Go see all the ships in the world

Francesc Campoy Flores
Check out the original talk from Google I/O:
Nice overview of Google Cloud offering and usage

Thalmic Labs - Myo API from init to flush

Gord Tanner, Scott Greenberg
Myo: Gesture Control Armband
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • 9 axis tracking
  • tactile feedback
  • muscle activity sensor
  • Myo API will target multiple languages
  • demo: node.js

Security test automation in software development using open source tools

David Tillemans
ZAProxy -- web application security scanner developed by OWASP


Andres Almiray

NFC + Chrome = Awesomeness

Francois Beaufort
chrome apps:
  • html5 + css3 + js
  • immersive
  • secure
  • offline by default
  • chrome APIs
NFC enabled through USB Chrome API (chrome.usb)
  • USB NFC devices: ACR122U, SCL3711
  • chrome.nfc api
    • findDevices()
    • write()
  • next:
    • bugfix
    • open-source the lib
    • improve performance
Unfortunately not a mainstream browser option for now.

Browser-side security: Mitigate the risk of XSS

Mike West
"lock down applications and securely communicate crossorigin"

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