Devoxx 2013 - Conference day 3: Random stuff

Hadoop data mining swiss army knife

Alexandre Dutra Cançado, Bertrand Dechoux, Pablo Lopez
Map/reduce: Hadoop
  • record (key/value) based
  • map/group-by/reduce
  • distributed batch
  • load data in table
  • sql-like syntax to split lines / do processing (sql can become complex)
  • metastore / HCatalog
  • external tooling (Tableau)
  • partitionng not trivial
  • new language for map/reduce
  • procedural
  • java api
  • procedural

Enterprise Concurrency - practical solutions with JSR236

Alex Heusingfeld refs

Taming Drones: How Java Controls the Uprising of the Drone Force

Eva Veenstra-Kazakov, Timon Veenstra
"specialists at low cost" e.g.
  • rainfall damage - aerial overview
  • biomass estimation -> AgroSense tool
  • track spraying
selled as toy: quadcopter Parrot AR.Drone 2.0
  • library for lowlevel access
  • javafx app (wifi): instructions / data
  • inside / outside options
  • sensors: cameras, sonar, speed ...
  • API AgroSense builds on top of ARDRoneForP5
autopilot through java: very experimental
  • extra raspberry pi (reuse existing usb connector)
  • gps + big antenna - accurate to 2m -> correct with gsm signal (RTK-GPS)
  • challenges: wind, 30 min fly time, mandatory wifi connection, battery, charging, follow tractor...