Devoxx 2013 keynote: Shaping the future of web development

Lars Bak, Kasper Lund
Dart is out of beta: 1.0
  • open sourced: www.dartlang.org (BSD License)
  • structured programming language
  • reliable libs
  • IDE (based on eclipse)
  • dart2js translator
  • ongoing development (speed, more compact, standardized etc.)
IDE -- Dart SDK1.0
  • special Chromium with DartVM integrated
  • integrated debugger
  • automatic update on code changes
  • code completion
Real Dart Projects:
Performance of Dart:
  • best on native Dart VM
  • converted to JS: comparable to JS
  • startup performance imporved because of snapshot mechanism (Dart VM only)
Dart outside the browser:
  • standalone
  • IO libs (networking, file, ...)
  • cpus: ARM, MIPS, x64

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