Restaging the CH3WNAS

Suddenly, after a reboot, my CH3WNAS couldn't start the wireless. It connected to a different ip address than the fixed I assigned it, and the admin-pages didn't react correctly to my actions: e.g. you couldn't see the existing users, but when adding a user I got a "User already exists" error message. Even the ftp server wasn't reacting. Through telnet, I could disable the fun_plug script, but that didn't solve the problem either.

Finally, I reset the firmware in the admin-pages, and the setup my wireless/ftp again. I re-enabled the fun_plug and everything is OK now: telnet is available and I can connect to firefly and mediatomb to access my music...

As a first prevention measure, I edited the firefly.conf file to log onto the hard drive instead of filling up /var/log:
logfile = /mnt/HD_a2/firefly/mt-daapd.log
We'll see if this helps...

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