Bleeding Edge HTML5

Paul Kinlan
This presentation demonstrated some ongoing - bleeding edge - development in html5:
  • : section that can be collapsed: no extra javascript required
  • : highlight portions of text
    • less javascript
    • easier for to handle
  • input-tag adds support for speech-to-text input
  • video & animations: check if the current tab is visible. Allows to stop a video when the tab is inactive
  • a link can suggest the browser to pre-fetch the contents of links the user will likely click --> the page is pre-loaded
  • intents: loosely coupling/integration of services from different websites. Cfr Android intents: an application asks a photo viewer and Android lets the user choose which one he wants.
  • check online / offline status in javascript or use a callback. --> clean handling of unconnected status.
  • paste of images in browser
  • camera / microphone support
  • full-screen support, callable from javascript (user must grant permission)
  • WebRTC: real-time communication: Real time Video / audio for communication
  • much better audio support
check out http://html5hacks.com

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