Devoxx11: Java 7 toolbox

Project coin brought some minor improvements to the Java language. Most notably:
  • easier generics:
    • diamond operator <>: less copy/paste thanks to smarter compiler
    • less warnings on vararg's
  • easier error-handling:
    • multicatch: less copy/paste
    • 'try-with-resource' contstruct: automatic & correct closing and error handling
  • consistency / clarity
    • Strings in Switch
    • numbers improvements:
      • direct binary format: 0b0101001
      • logical grouping of large number in sub-chunks: 123_435_576L --> java ignores the underscores.
IDE support
  • Netbeans & Intellij have excellent support for Java 7
    • inline hints and refactorings are offered
    • batch refactorings throughout the 'inspect and transform' dialog
  • Eclipse is somewhat lagging behind.

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