Devoxx11: Real-world deep-dive into Infinispan - the open source data grid platform

Sanne Grinovero, Pete Muir and Mircea Markus
Infinispan details
  • developed & provided by JBoss
  • Open Source license
  • distributed, in-memory data structure
  • High Available: configuration options depending on your safety / performance considerations
    • Total replication
    • Partial replication ("distribution mode")
  • Elastic:
    • easy to scale up / down
    • deal with node stops / crashes
    • accept additional nodes
    • managed through JGroups
  • Transactions
  • Map / Reduce
  • Query
  • JMX access
Two access modes to inifinispan:
  • embedded mode: in the JVM
  • client / server mode: different protocols supported:
    • REST
    • memcached
    • hotrod
Possible setups:
  • local cache: Simple Map-like interface, with advanced cache-features (eviction, etc.)
  • cluster cache: all caches are kept in sync between JVM's, the developer is responsible for accessing the persistence layer (DB)
  • grid cache: the cache itself handles the persisting of the data to the DB.
  • reliable cluster communication
  • developed by JBoss, and used by Infinispan
  • Node / cluster config (incl. auto-discover setup)
  • focus on performance: e.g. UDP, but with reliability handled by JGroups
  • support for reliable multicast messages

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